Meals to Celebrate Jamaican Emancipation Day. — independence day

Meals to Celebrate Jamaican Emancipation Day.

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Meals to Celebrate Jamaican Emancipation Day.

The TasteALikkle LLC Jerk Kit includes the Just Add Meat Jerk Marinade, Jerk sauce, a Festival Flour Mix, a Snack, and a drink. 



The Just Add Meat Marinade is easy to use. Its 2 oz of Marinade for 1 pounds (lb.) of meats. The instructions are included for cooking your choice of protein. This can be used with chicken, pork, goat, land, seafood, any protein of your choice.



These ingredients are directly from the island of Jamaica. We only use authentic ingredients and spices. These spices is so flavorful it will trigger memories from eating Jerk from the pan in Jamaica. In each kit there is a marinade of 8 oz, this can cook up to 4 lb. of meat or 8 lb. of seafood and vegetables.



Impress a love on or In-laws, of you can buy the kit as a gift. The kit a beginner friendly that the chef does not need a cooking skill to master the Jerk dinner.

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