Prince & Brittany

Owner, We Maintain All Aspects Of TasteALikkle

Taste A Likkle was created during pandemic due to COVID-19. Our family saw the need to help ours get their favorite Jamaican & African ingredients. We partnered with local & international distributors to bring all your favorite items to your doorstep. 


Taste A Likkle” is a subscription  box service that  delivers a popular Jamaican dish ingredients  to your door steps.

This box bring the taste of Jamaica in your own home. All spices and special item are directly from the island of Jamaica. This box will make your family crave more and impress any guest. 

The “Taste A Likkle” Box will include all the items to complete the dish ( minus the protein). Each meal kit will also have fool-proof instructions and an instructional video link to prepare the perfect meal. Each 3 or 6 month subscription  box will also include a special Gift.